What is the difference between VR and Mixed Reality?

Technology can be a lot confusing most of the time. Since there are many inventions being released every day or every year, it is becoming harder to define which is which. Oftentimes, people overlap the concept because it is almost the same. Some concepts which are often confused are the Virtual Reality or VR and Mixed Reality.

Let us try to see how they differ from each other, as well as define each concept first hand;

Virtual Reality
It is one of the concepts of technology that makes us experience the real world except it is done using a computer-generated device. This is usually interactive since people in the real world interact with each other a lot.

Mixed Reality
It is the combination of the two worlds—physical and digital. One of the most notable examples for mixed reality is the hologram.

The difference between Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality

These two can be confusing in so many ways since they are both a concept of digital technology. If we are going to take a look at it on a deeper level, there is a difference that separates them.

  • Virtual Reality lets you experience reality using a digital device. There is a simulation between the digital and virtual world using a device. Moreover, it is the not real world, but it lets you experience the real world through technology.
  • Everything in the virtual reality is artificial, and it immerses in the virtual environment.
  • Mixed Reality is a collaboration of the virtual reality to the real world.
  • The mixed reality concept lets you interact with real or virtual people in a real environment.
  • Virtual Reality can be used in real estate, education, marketing, health care, and travel.
  • Mixed Reality can be used in communications, manufacturing, and even education.

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