What are the best VR headsets for 2019?

Virtual Reality headset, or VR headset, seems to be a recent technology but it was actually laid since 1960. It was just now that the technology matured and gives more advantages to life. If you think VR headsets are just for entertainment, well, you’re wrong. They have many uses aside from entertainment such as in the military, sports, health, business, and many more.


Alongside its booming industry are the birth of different VR headsets in size, weight, quality, and brand. Though all VR headsets have one aim, they are not equality created. Some VR headsets, the cheap ones, have the poor quality that can be somewhat dangerous to use in the long run. While there are others that are created to be superior and can meet one’s need.

This year 2019, expect that VR headsets will be mind-blowing. Its industry is slowly getting its popularity. Here are the best VR headsets you can assume next year:

HTC Vive
When Oculus’ developers kit came out, many were delighted but it doesn’t suit some people. Luckily, HTC took the path and started making their own VR headsets. HTC Vive was launched in partnership with Valve and most game developers. Another thing, Vive supports almost all VR content which is a very nice thing.

PlayStation VR
Sony is a leading gaming company and when they realized the potential of VR headsets in the future of the gaming industry, they launched the PlayStation VR. If you are an addicted PlayStation gamer, it is sure that you will love having its VR with you.

Oculus Rift
This VR headset is still in the run for the best VR headsets. It is perhaps one of the most famous VR headsets. It is still compatible with almost VR contents and is very easy to use and assemble.

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